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M-036          Lac la Belle Lake B Waukesha County Wisconsin

M-045          Madison UW and Picnic Point Fall

M-019          Madison Wisconsin A

M-044          Madison Wisconsin Fall Monona Terrace capitol West to UW

M-020          Madison Wisconsin Mendota Picnic Point

M-049          Makray Golf Course Barrington Illinois

M-047          Manawa Wisconsin

M-043          Manitowoc Wisconsin Harbor

M-018          Marcus Amphitheater Milwaukee Wisconsin

M-041          Marie Lake 2 Illinois

M-040          Marie Lake Illinois

M-021          Marion Wisconsin

M-050          Marion Wisconsin

M-037          Marsh in Winter

M-035          Marshfield Clinic Marshfield Wisconsin

M-022          Marshfield Wisconsin

M-023          Mascoutin Golf Course

M-051          McCollum Lake McHenry IL

M-005          McCrossen Lake Chain O Lake Waupaca

M-039          McHenry Illinois South

M-052          McHenry Illinois

M-034          Menomim Lake Dunn County Wisconsin

M-033          Menomonie Park Lagoons Oshkosh Wisconsin

M-032          Menomonie Park to North Oshkosh Wisconsin

M-053          Merrill CC Waukesha Wisconsin

M-030          Merrimac Ferry Lake Wisconsin

M-031          Merrimac Ferry to South Lake Wisconsin

M-004          Michigan Island Lighthouse Apostle Islands

M-028          Miller Park Milwaukee Wisconsin

M-029          Miller Park View to a Win

M-046          Milwaukee Mile

M-002          Milwaukee Shorewood Wisconsin to South

M-007          Milwaukee University of Wisconsin

M-003          Milwaukee Wisconsin Lake Shore Harbor

M-001          Milwaukee Wisconsin Lake Shore to South

M-008          Miner Lake Chain O Lake Waupaca

M-027          Minor and Dake Lakes Chain O Lakes Waupaca

M-016          Mirror Lake Wisconsin Dells

M-026          Mississippi River Barge

M-048          Monona Lake Dane County WI Fall

M-006          Monona Lake Madison Wisconsin

M-025          Montrose Harbor Chicago Illinois

M-017          Moonlight Bay Door County Wisconsin

M-024          Moonlight Bay Door County Wisconsin

M-042          Moose Lake Waukesha Co. Wisconsin

M-011          Morris Lake Waushara County Wisconsin

M-015          Moshawquit Lake Shawano County Wisconsin

M-013          Mosinee Wisconsin to East

M-012          Mosinee Wisconsin to North

M-010          Mount Horeb Wisconsin

M-038          Mueller Lake Illinois

M-009          Muskego Lake Waukesha County Wisconsin

M-014          Nekoosa Wisconsin

N-016           Nagawicka Lake 2 Waukesha Co. Wisconsin

N-021           Nagawicka Lake Fall South End Waukesha County Wisconsin

N-008           Nagawicka Lake North End Waukesha County Wisconsin

N-007           Nagawicka Lake South End Waukesha County Wisconsin

N-015           Nagawicka Lake Waukesha Co. Wisconsin

N-006           Nagawicka Lake Waukesha County Wisconsin

N-005           Napowan Lake Waushara County Wisconsin

N-004           Nashota Lake Upper Waukesha Wisconsin

N-001           Nashotah Lake Lower Waukesha County Wisconsin

N-002           Neenah Wisconsin Lake and Harbor

N-003           Neenah Wisconsin Lake Winnebago

N-017           Nemahbin Lake Lower Waukesha Co. Wisconsin

N-010           Nemhabin Lake Lower Waukesha County

N-009           Nemhabin Lake Upper Waukesha County

N-013           Neshkoro Wisconsin

N-018           Neshotah Lake Lower Waukesha Co. Wisconsin

N-019           Neshotah Lake Upper Waukesha Co. Wisconsin

N-013           Nippersink and Fox Lake Illinois

N-020           Noquebay Lake Wisconsin

N-012           North Bay Door County Wisconsin

N-014           North Lake Waukesha Co. Wisconsin

N-011           Northwestern University Chicago Illinois


O-010           Oakfield Wisconsin

O-009           Oconomowoc Lake B Waukesha County Wisconsin

O-013           Oconomowoc Lake to West Waukesha County Wisconsin

O-008           Oconomowoc Lake Waukesha County Wisconsin

O-011           Oconomowoc Lake Waukesha County Wisconsin

O-018           Oconomowoc Lake Waukesha County Wisconsin Fall

O-017           Oconto Falls Wisconsin Fall

O-014           Okauchee Lake 2 Waukesha County Wisconsin

O-015           Okauchee Lake to West Waukesha County Wisconsin

O-016           Okauchee Lake Total Waukesha County Wisconsin

O-007           Okauchee Lake Waukesha County Wisconsin

O-006           Omro Wisconsin

O-005           Omro Wisconsin to South

O-003           Oshkosh Wisconsin

O-004           Oshkosh Wisconsin Public Museum

O-012           Otter Lake 2 Waupaca Wisconsin

O-001           Otter Lake Chain O Lakes Waupaca

O-002           Ottman Lake Chain O Lakes Waupaca


P-016            Paine Art Center Back

P-013            Paine Art Center Oshkosh Wisconsin

P-018            Pearl Lake 2 Waushara County Wisconsin

P-012            Pearl Lake Waushara County Wisconsin

P-029            Pembine Wisconsin

P-002            Peninsula Golf Course Door County Wisconsin

P-032            Peninsula Golf Course to North Door County Wisconsin

P-003            Pensaukee Lake Shawano County Wisconsin

P-004            Pestiga Spring Blacksmith Lakes Shawano County Wisconsin

P-023            Petite Lake Illinois

P-024            Pewaukee Lake Waukesha Co. Wisconsin

P-005            Pewaukee Lake Waukesha County Wisconsin

P-019            Pike Lake 2 Washington County Wisconsin

P-030            Pike Lake Hartford Wisconsin Fall

P-031            Pike Lake Hartford Wisconsin Fall 2

P-015            Pike Lake Washington County Wisconsin

P-001            Pine Lake North Waukesha County Wisconsin

P-014            Pine Lake Shawano County Wisconsin

P-007            Pine Lake Waukesha County Wisconsin

P-006            Pine Lake Waushara County Wisconsin

P-022            Pistakee Lake 2 Illinois

P-021            Pistakee Lake Illinois

P-033            Plymouth Wisconsin Fall

P-008            Pope Knight Marl Long Young Lakes Chain O Lakes Waupaca

P-017            Port Washington Wisconsin

P-020            Porters Lake Waushara Co. Wisconsin

P-028            Pound Wisconsin

P-009            Powderhorn Mountain Michigan

P-027            Poygan and Winneconne Lakes Wisconsin

P-026            Poygan Lake Wisconsin

P-010            Prescott Pierce County Wisconsin

P-011            Princeton Green Lake County Wisconsin

P-025            Princeton Wisconsin

Q-001           Quarterdeck Marina Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin

Q-002           Quarterdeck Marina Summer Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin


R-008           Racine Windpoint Lighthouse in Winter

R-031           Racine Wisconsin and Harbor

R-011           Racine Wisconsin Lighthouse in Spring

R-007           Racine Wisconsin Windpoint Lighthouse

R-001           Raspberry Island Lighthouse Apostle Islands

R-003           Red Cedar River Dunn County Wisconsin

R-009           Red Wing Minnesota

R-018           Red Wing Minnesota Harbor Houses

R-029           Redgranite Wisconsin

R-019           Rib Mountain Wisconsin Fall

R-020           Rib Mountain Wisconsin Fall 2

R-021           Rib Mountain Wisconsin Winter

R-010           Ripon Wisconsin

R-022           Ripon Wisconsin to Green Lake

R-032           Ripon Wisconsin to North

R-023           Rivermill Oshkosh Wisconsin

R-024           Road America Elkhart Lake Wisconsin Fall

R-025           Road America Elkhart Lake Wisconsin Summer

R-034           Road America Elkhart Lake Wisconsin to South

R-037           Rock Island Door County WI

R-026           Rosendale Wisconsin

R-030           Rosendale Wisconsin

R-006           Round and Columbia Lakes Chain O Lakes Waupaca Wisconsin

R-027           Round Grass Pine Lakes Shawano County Wisconsin

R-028           Round In Circles

R-004           Round Lake 2 Chain O Lakes Waupaca Wisconsin

R-005           Round Lake 3 Chain O Lakes Waupaca Wisconsin

R-002           Round Lake Chain O Lakes Waupaca Wisconsin

R-038           Round Lake Lake Co. Illinois

R-016           Round Lake Shawano County Wisconsin

R-017           Round Lake Waushara County Wisconsin

R-012           Round McCrossen Dake Minor Lakes Waupaca Wisconsin

R-013           Round McCrossen Rainbow Lakes Waupaca Wisconsin

R-035           Rowley's Bay Resort Door Co. WI

R-036           Rowley's Bay Resort Fall 2 Door Co. WI

R-014           Rush Lake Winnebago County Wisconsin

R-015           Ryan Field Northwestern University

S-035            Sand Island Lighthouse Apostle Islands

S-078            Sand Lake Lake Co. Illinois

S-001            Shadow and Mirror Lakes Waupaca Wisconsin

S-017            Shawano City and Wolf River

S-020            Shawano Lake Middle Section

S-034            Shawano Lake Shawano County Wisconsin

S-079            Shawano Lake to East

S-016            Shawano Lake Wisconsin East End

S-015            Shawano Wisconsin

S-071            Shawano Wisconsin City Fall

S-080            Sheboygan Falls WI Fall

S-064            Sheboygan Falls Wisconsin Fall

S-019            Sheboygan Wisconsin Lake Harbor

S-053            Sheboygan Wisconsin Lakeshore to North

S-021            Sheboygan Wisconsin River Walk

S-081            Sheboygan Wisconsin Riverwalk

S-022            Shipwreck Door County Lake Michigan

S-066            Shorewood Wisconsin from Lake Michigan

S-023            Silver and Irogami Lake Waushara County Wisconsin

S-026            Silver Lake 2 Washington County Wisconsin

S-075            Silver Lake Fall Waukesha County Wisconsin

S-067            Silver Lake Kenosha Wisconsin

S-077            Silver Lake Little Fall Waushara Co. WI

S-024            Silver Lake Little Waushara County Wisconsin

S-065            Silver Lake Little Wild Rose Wisconsin

S-025            Silver Lake Washington County Wisconsin

S-014            Silver Lake Waukesha County Wisconsin

S-013            Silver Spring Lake Waushara County Wisconsin

S-061            Sir Lanserlot Golf Course Elkhart Lake Wisconsin

S-050            Sister Bay 1 Door County Wisconsin

S-051            Sister Bay 2 Door County Wisconsin

S-002            Sister Bay A Door County Wisconsin

S-003            Sister Bay Early Spring Door County Wisconsin

S-062            Sister Bay Fall Door County Wisconsin

S-073            Sister Bay Harbor In Fall Door Co. WI

S-072            Sister Bay Harbor to North In Fall Door Co.

S-074            Sister Bay to Ephraim Door County Wisconsin

S-052            Sister Bay Town Door County Wisconsin

S-068            Sister Bay Wisconsin Door County Harbor

S-004            Soldier Field Close Up Chicago Illinois

S-058            South Side Ice Yacht Club Oshkosh Wisconsin

S-005            Spencer and Adjacent Lakes Waupaca Wisconsin

S-007            Spencer Lake 2 Waupaca Wisconsin

S-076            Spencer Lake 3 Waupaca Co. WI

S-006            Spencer Lake Waupaca Wisconsin

S-008            Spring Green Wisconsin

S-009            Spring Lake Waushara County Wisconsin

S-011            St Cloud Wisconsin

S-012            St Croix Lake and River

S-010            St Croix Lake Hudson Wisconsin

S-059            St Croix River Valley

S-082            St. Cloud Wisconsin

S-028            Stevens Point 2 Wisconsin

S-027            Stevens Point Wisconsin

S-044            Stillwater Marina and Lift Bridge

S-029            Stillwater Minnesota

S-040            Stillwater Minnesota High RR Bridge

S-041            Stillwater Minnesota High RR Bridge 2

S-039            Stillwater Minnesota Lift Bridge

S-042            Stillwater Minnesota Marina

S-043            Stillwater Minnesota Marina 3

S-038            Stillwater Minnesota Riverfront

S-046            Stratton Lake 2 Waupaca County Wisconsin

S-045            Stratton Lake Waupaca County Wisconsin

S-036            Sturgeon Bay Canal Lighthouse

S-037            Sturgeon Bay Harbor Lighthouse

S-055            Sturgeon Bay Tacoma Beach Marina

S-069            Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin Downtown Marinas

S-056            Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin Sawyer Harbor

S-054            Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin Sherwood Lighthouse

S-057            Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin Ship at Dock

S-047            Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin to East

S-048            Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin to West

S-049            Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin to West 2

S-063            Summer Rain

S-060            Summer Shower

S-070            Sun Prairie Wisconsin

S-030            Sunnyside Marina St Croix River Minnesota

S-077            Sunset Lake Summer Waupaca WI

S-031            Sunset Point Oshkosh Wisconsin

S-033            Sunset Rainbow McCrossen Lakes Chain O Lakes Waupaca Wisconsin

S-032            Sunset Sailboat

T-007           Lake Tishigan 2 Racine County Wisconsin

T-006           Lake Tishigan Racine County Wisconsin

T-010           Taylor Lake Chain O Lakes Waupaca Wisconsin

T-001           Taylor Lake Old Waupaca Wisconsin

T-012           Third Lake Lake Co. Illinois

T-009           Third Ward Milwaukee Wisconsin

T-008           Thousand Islands Kaukauna Wisconsin

T-011           Tuscombia Golf Course 2 Green Lake Wisconsin

T-005           Tuscombia Golf Course Fall Green Lake Wisconsin

T-004           Tuscombia Golf Course Green Lake Wisconsin

T-003           Twin Lake Waushara County Wisconsin

T-002           Twisted Wolf River

U-002           US Cellular Field Chicago Illinois

U-001           Used Car Garden

V-001           Valmy Door County Wisconsin

W-031          Warrington Lake Oconto County Wisconsin

W-016          Washburn Wisconsin

W-045          Washington and Detroit Island Door County Wisconsin

W-051          Washington Island Door Co. Wisconsin Fall

W-029          Washington Island Door County Wisconsin

W-054          Washington Island Ferry Dock Fall

W-030          Washington Lake Shawano County Wisconsin

W-027          Watertown Wisconsin

W-027          Watertown Wisconsin 2

W-028          Watertown Wisconsin 3

W-043          Waterville Lake Waukesha County Wisconsin

W-041          Watosak Lamotte Lakes East End Shawano County

W-042          Watosak Lamotte Lakes West End Shawano County

W-052          Waukesha Wisconsin Downtown

W-039          Waupaca Wisconsin

W-040          Waupaca Wisconsin 2

W-002          Waupaca Wisconsin Summer

W-003          Wausau Wisconsin to West

W-050          Wausaukee Wisconsin

W-038          Wautoma Wisconsin

W-055          Wautoma Wisconsin Fall

W-037          Wayside Park Crystal River Waupaca Wisconsin

W-047          Westmore CC Brookfield Wisconsin

W-019          Weyauwega Wisconsin

W-036          Whistling Straights Golf Course

W-035          White Clay Lake Shawano County Wisconsin

W-053          White Lake Waupaca Co. Wisconsin

W-034          White Lake Waupaca County Wisconsin

W-026          White Sox US Cellular Field Chicago Illinois

W-025          Whitecap Mountain Wisconsin

W-049          Whitefish Dunes State Park Wisconsin

W-012          Wild Rose Wisconsin

W-056          Wild Rose Wisconsin Fall

W-057          Williams Bay Fall Geneva Lake Wisconsin

W-017          Williams Bay Geneva Lake Wisconsin

W-011          Wilson Lake Waushara County Wisconsin

W-010          Wind Blown Snow on Ice

W-013          Wind Blown Snow on Ice 2

W-048          Winneconne Lake Wisconsin

W-020          Winneconne Wisconsin to East

W-009          Winneconne Wisconsin to North

W-008          Winter Corral

W-007          Winter Farm With Sheep

W-001          Winter Tree in New Snow

W-018          Winter Trees in Shadows

W-006          Wisconsin Capitol Building

W-004          Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin Downtown

W-005          Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin Waterway

W-015          Wisconsin Farm in Winter

W-044          Wisconsin Lake north of Wisconsin Dells

W-014          Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin

W-024          Wisconsin River Sandbar

W-023          Wisconsin River Spring Green Wisconsin

W-032          Wissota Lake Eau Claire County Wisconsin

W-033          Wissota Lake Little Eau Claire County Wisconsin

W-046          Witters Lake Waushara Co. Wisconsin

W-022          Wolf Marina Stillwater Minnesota

W-058          Wonder Lake McHenry Ilinois

W-021          Wrigley Field Chicago Illinois


Y-001           Yacht Works Marina Sister Bay Wisconsin

Y-002           Yacht Works Marina Sister Bay Wisconsin 2

Y-003           Yacht Works Marina to East Sister Bay Wisconsin


Z-002           Zurich Lake Fall Lake Co. Illinois

Z-001           Zurich Lake Illinois

Just a quick note: Most of you end up here after visiting with us at a fine art show. You have been able to appreciate the creativeness and quality of my work and are here exploring the totality of my portfolio. I stock most photos in 8" x 10" and 11" x 14" sizes and can ship other sizes in just a few days (I am working art shows most weekends so I cannot promise a definitive timeline).  Drop me a note on my contact page and I will get back to you concerning availability and pricing as soon as possible.


A-012           Abbey Spring CC Geneva Lake

A-008           Afton Harbors 2 Minnesota

A-005           Afton Minnesota Harbors

A-003           Alaska House

A-004           Algoma Lighthouse Wisconsin

A-006           Algoma Wisconsin

A-015           Algoma Wisconsin Harbor

A-007           Altoona Lake Eau Claire Wisconsin

A-016           Amberg Wisconsin

A-014           American Club Kohler Wisconsin

A-013           Antioch Lake Illinois

A-011           Appleton Wisconsin Collage Avenue

A-009           Appleton Wisconsin Downtown

A-001           Ashland Breakwater

A-002           Ashland Wisconsin

A-010           Ashland Wisconsin Ore Dock


B-036           Baileys Harbor Door County WI Summer Shore

B-018           Baileys Harbor Door County Wisconsin

B-037           Baileys Harbor Lighthouse

B-038           Baileys Harbor Lighthouse 2

B-025           Baileys Harbor South Shoreline Wisconsin

B-024           Baileys Harbor Town Wisconsin

B-012           Baileys Harbor Wisconsin Ridges

B-027           Baileys Harbor Yacht Club Door County Wisconsin

B-028           Baker Lake Barrington Illinois

B-029           Bangs Lake Wauconda Illinois

B-030           Barrington Illinois

B-041           Barrington Illinois Fall

B-040           Barrington Lake Lake Co. Illinois

B-006           Bass Lake Menominee County

B-039           Bay Ridge Golf Course 2 Sister Bay WI

B-039           Bay Ridge Golf Course Sister Bay WI

B-014           Bayport Marina Minnesota

B-007           Bayport MN

B-013           Beaver Dam Wisconsin

B-021           Beaver Lake Waukesha County Wisconsin

B-023           Belmont Harbor 2 Chicago Illinois

B-020           Belmont Harbor Chicago Illinois

B-019           Beloit Wisconsin

B-022           Berlin Wisconsin

B-026           Berlin Wisconsin Fall

B-034           Berlin Wisconsin Summer

B-009           Berry Lake Shawano County Wisconsin

B-005           Berry Lake Wisconsin

B-032           Beyers Cove Green Lake Wisconsin

B-003           Big Cedar Lake

B-011           Bishops Bay Golf Course

B-004           Blackbird Point

B-001           Blackhawk Golf Course

B-002           Blackhawk Golf Course

B-009           Blackjack Ski Mountain Bessemer Michigan

B-033           Bluff Lake Illinois

B-008           Boating Thru Deaths Door

B-031           Bondule Wisconsin

B-015           Bughs Lake Waushara County Wisconsin

B-016           Butte des Morts Lake Oshkosh Wisconsin

B-035           Butte des Morts Lake Oshkosh Wisconsin

B-017           Butte des Morts Town Wisconsin


C-003           Calatrava Art Museum Milwaukee

C-005           Calatrava Art Museum Milwaukee

C-038           Camp Randall Fall Madison Wisconsin

C-001           Camp Randall Stadium

C-019           Camp Randall Stadium

C-057           Camp Randall w Cushions Fall

C-018           Cana Island Lighthouse

C-050           Cana Island Lighthouse and Bay

C-017           Carroll University Waukesha Wisconsin

C-016           Carson Park Eau Claire Wisconsin

C-015           Cecil Wisconsin

C-014           Cedar Big Cedar Lake Wisconsin

C-047           Cedar Lake Illinois

C-039           Cedar Lake Lake County Illinois

C-049           Cedar Lake Sheboygan Co. Wisconsin

C-013           Cedar Little Cedar Lake Wisconsin

C-012           Cedar Springs Lake Wisconsin

C-011           Cedarburg Wisconsin

C-036           Cedarburg Wisconsin Downtown

C-010           Centerpoint Marina Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin

C-022           Chain-O-Lakes Summer Waupaca Wisconsin

C-020           Chain-O-Lakes Waupaca Wisconsin

C-056           Chambers Island Door County WI Early Fall

C-021           Chambers Island Door County Wisconsin

C-048           Channel and Catherine Lakes Illinois

C-040           Channel Lake Lake County Illinois

C-031           Chicago Lakefront North of River

C-033           Chicago Lakefront South Of River

C-032           Chicago Lakefront Up River

C-007           Chippewa Falls Wisconsin

C-004           Clark Lake Door County

C-030           Clark Lake Door County

C-029           Clearwater Harbor Bar Waupaca

C-028           Clintonville Wisconsin

C-041           Clintonville Wisconsin

C-027           Clouds In Movement

C-026           Clouds Over Lake Michigan

C-053           Coleman Wisconsin

C-037           Columbia Lake 2 Chain O Lakes Wisconsin

C-006           Columbia Lake Waupaca County

C-009           Columbia Lake Waupaca Wisconsin

C-051           Columbus Wisconsin

C-052           Columbus Wisconsin 2

C-042           Como Lake Fall Walworth County Wisconsin

C-025           Corduroy Tree

C-002           Cornucopia in Bayfield County

C-043           Countryside Lake Lake Co Illinois

C-024           Cow-A-Bunga

C-023           Cranberry Bog In Spring

C-054           Crivitz Wisconsin

C-055           Crivitz Wisconsin 2

C-044           Crooked Lake Lake Co Illinois

C-046           Crystal Lake 2 Sheboygan County Wisconsin

C-035           Crystal Lake Fall Sheboygan County Wisconsin

C-034           Crystal Lake Sheboygan County Wisconsin

C-045           Crystal Lake Sheboygan County Wisconsin

C-008           Crystal River Little Hope


D-004           Dake and Minor Lakes Waupaca Wisconsin

D-001           Dake Lake Waupaca County

D-015           Deep Lake Lake Co Illinois

D-006           Deforest Wisconsin

D-016           Delafield Wisconsin Fall 2

D-017           Delavan Wisconsin Fall

D-002           Delevan Lake Wisconsin

D-008           Delton Lake Wisconsin Dells EMPTY

D-005           Delton Lake Wisconsin Dells Full

D-007           Detroit Island Door County Wisconsin

D-013           Devils Lake Wisconsin A

D-014           Devils Lake Wisconsin B

D-012           Devils Lake Wisconsin Fall

D-020           Diamond Lake Fall Mundelein Illinois

D-018           Diamond Lake Mundelein Illinois

D-003           Discovery Center Milwaukee Wisconsin

D-021           Door County Wisconsin Farmland

D-019           Druce Lake Lake Co Illinois

D-011           Du Bay Lake North End

D-010           Du Bay Lake Wisconsin South End

D-009           Du Bay Lake Wisconsin West End


E-004           Eagle Lake 2 Racine County Wisconsin

E-003           Eagle Lake Racine County Wisconsin

E-017           Eau Claire 2 Lake Wisconsin

E-018           Eau Claire City Wisconsin

E-016           Eau Claire Lake Wisconsin

E-009           Eau Claire Wisconsin A

E-010           Eau Claire Wisconsin B

E-008           Eau Claire Wisconsin Country Club

E-013           Eau Claire Wisconsin Downtown

E-028           Egg Harbor Door Co. WI Alpine Golf Course

E-026           Egg Harbor Door Co. WI Fall

E-027           Egg Harbor Door Co. WI Fall Marina to East

E-021           Egg Harbor Door County Wisconsin Town and Harbor

E-034           Egg Harbor Marina Fall Door Co. WI

E-032           Elkhart Lake Little Elkhart Lake WI

E-019           Elkhart Lake Sheboygan Co. Wisconsin

E-029           Elkhart Lake Sheboygan Co. Wisconsin Lake to East

E-007           Elkhart Lake Wisconsin City Fall

E-006           Elkhart Lake Wisconsin Fall Lake

E-014           Ellison Bay 2 Door County Wisconsin

E-022           Ellison Bay Door Co. Fall 2

E-023           Ellison Bay Door Co. Fall 3

E-035           Ellison Bay Door Co. Fall 4

E-020           Ellison Bay Fall Door County Wisconsin

E-005           Ellison Bay Wisconsin B

E-001           Emerald Lake Waushara County Wisconsin

E-024           Ephraim and Bay Door Co. WI Fall

E-025           Ephraim and Bay Door Co. WI Fall 2

E-030           Ephraim Bay 2 Door County Wisconsin

E-015           Ephraim Bay Door County Wisconsin

E-033           Ephraim Bay Fall Door Co. WI

E-011           Ephraim Wisconsin Harbor

E-012           Ephraim Wisconsin Harbor B

E-031           Europe Lake Door County WI

E-002           Europe Lake Door County Wisconsin


F-016            Far View Golf Course Fall Oshkosh WI

F-010            Far View Golf Course Oshkosh Wisconsin

F-012            Fields of Patterns

F-001            Fish Creek and Harbor Door County Wisconsin

F-011            Fish Creek Harbor Fall Door County Wisconsin

F-005            Fish Creek Wisconsin Dock A

F-004            Fish Creek Wisconsin Dock B

F-003            Fond du Lac Wisconsin Harbor

F-006            Fond du Lac Wisconsin Harbor to West

F-002            Fond du Lac Wisconsin Harbor Winter

F-007            Fond du Lac Wisconsin to East Fall

F-014            Fox and Nippersink Lakes Illinois

F-009            Fox Fire Golf Course Waupaca Wisconsin

F-015            Fox Lake Dodge Co. Wisconsin

F-013            Fox Petite Lake Illinois

F-008            Fremont Wisconsin


G-024           Fontana on Geneva Lake Wisconsin

G-042           Gages Lake 2 Lake Co. Illinois

G-040           Gages Lake Lake Co. Illinois

G-021           Genesee Lake Waukesha County Wisconsin

G-028           Geneva Lake and Como Lake Wisconsin

G-009           Geneva Lake C City Wisconsin

G-007           Geneva Lake City B Wisconsin

G-005           Geneva Lake City Wisconsin

G-003           Geneva Lake East Shore

G-015           Geneva Lake Resort Wisconsin

G-027           Geneva Lake Wisconsin Riviera

G-011           Geneva Lake Wisconsin to East

G-048           Geneva Lake Wisconsin West End Fall

G-023           Gilbert Lake Waupaca County Wisconsin

G-026           Gilbert Lake Waupaca Wisconsin 2

G-016           Gills Rock Door County Wisconsin

G-043           Gills Rock Fall Door Co. WI

G-041           Glacier Wood Golf Course 2 Iola Wisconsin

G-031           Glacier Wood Golf Course Iola Wisconsin

G-017           Gooseneck, Mclean, Bailey Lakes Waupaca Wisconsin

G-044           Gordon Lodge 2 Door County Wisconsin

G-039           Gordon Lodge Baileys Harbor Door Co. Wisconsin

G-002           Gordon Lodge Door County Wisconsin

G-033           Grafton Wisconsin

G-033           Grafton Wisconsin 2

G-022           Graham Lake Waupaca County Wisconsin

G-018           Grass Lake Shawano County Wisconsin

G-030           Green Lake city to NE Green Lake Wisconsin

G-029           Green Lake city to North Green Lake Wisconsin

G-047           Green Lake Dartford Bay Wisconsin

G-014           Green Lake Little Wisconsin

G-006           Green Lake NW Shore Green Lake Wisconsin

G-020           Green Lake Solid Ice

G-008           Green Lake SW Shore

G-013           Green Lake Wisconsin City A

G-019           Green Lake Wisconsin City B

G-001           Green Lake Wisconsin Fall

G-012           Green Lake Wisconsin Ice Fishing Grumpy Old Men

G-035           Green Lake Wisconsin Lake Summer

G-010           Green Lake Wisconsin North Shore B

G-025           Green Lake Wisconsin Norwegian Bay

G-038           Green Lake Wisconsin Summer to East

G-036           Green Lake Wisconsin Summer to South

G-034           Green Lake Wisconsin Summer to West

G-004           Greenbush Wisconsin

G-032           Greenbush Wisconsin Fall

G-046           Greenbush Wisconsin Fall

G-037           Greenwyck to Hwy K Bridge Green Lake Wisconsin

G-045           Greys Lake Lake Co. Illinois


H-019           Hartford Wisconsin Fall

H-020           Hartford Wisconsin Fall 2

H-018           Hartland 2

H-011           Harvest Field

H-012           Hastings Minnesota

H-023           Hawley Lake Barrington Hills IL

H-024           Hawthorne Lake Barrington Illinois

H-014           Hay River B Dunn County Wisconsin

H-013           Hay River Dunn County Wisconsin

H-015           Heartland

H-004           Hickory Point Oshkosh Wisconsin

H-017           High Cliff Harbor 2 Lake Winnebago Wisconsin

H-016           High Cliff Harbor Lake Winnebago Wisconsin

H-021           Highland Lake Lake Co. Illinois

H-025           Highland Lake Lake Co. Illinois

H-022           Hills and Dear Lakes Waushara Co. WI

H-003           Hills Lake Waushara County Wisconsin

H-008           Holy Hill Basilica Summer

H-017           Holy Hill Basilica Summer B

H-001           Holy Hill Fall

H-010           Horseshoe Island B Door County Wisconsin

H-007           Horseshoe Island Door County Wisconsin

H-009           House on the Rock Spring Green B

H-002           House on the Rock Spring Green Wisconsin

H-018           Hudson Marina on the St Croix

H-005           Hudson Wisconsin A

H-006           Hudson Wisconsin Swing Bridge


I-004            Ice Boat Trio

I-002            Ice or No Ice

I-008            Ice or Not 2

I-007            Ice River in the Marsh

I-001            Iceboat - Wood Antique

I-005            Indianhead Mountain Wakefield Michigan

I-011            Institute Door County Wisconsin

I-010            Inverness Cook Co. Illinois

I-009            Iola Wisconsin

I-006            Iola Wisconsin Winter Sports Club

I-003            Irogami Lake Waushara County Wisconsin


J-007            Jacksonport Door County Wisconsin Summer Shore

J-003            Jacksonport Wisconsin Door County Wisconsin

J-005            Jacksonport Wisconsin Downtown

J-001            Jacksonport Wisconsin HWY 57 South

J-004            Janesville Wisconsin

J-008            Janesville Wisconsin 2

J-006            Jim's Falls Wisconsin

J-002            Johns Lake Waushara County Wisconsin


K-002           Kangaroo Lake Door County Wisconsin

K-012           Kangaroo Lake Fall Door County Wisconsin

K-015           Kangaroo Lake To North Door Co. WI

K-006           Kaukauna Wisconsin

K-016           Keene Hawley Lakes Lake Co. Illinois

K-001           Keesus Lake Wisconsin

K-014           Kegonsa Lake Dane Co. Wisconsin

K-013           Kenosha Wisconsin Harbor

K-003           Kenosha Wisconsin Lighthouse

K-004           Kettle Moraine Wisconsin Crop Circle

K-005           Kewaunee Wisconsin Lighthouse

K-007           Kimberly Wisconsin

K-008           King Wisconsin Veterans Home

K-009           King Wisconsin Veterans Home B

K-017           Kohler Wisconsin American Club

K-010           Kohler Wisconsin Shops at Woodlake

K-011           Kusel Lake Waushara County Wisconsin


L-017           Lac la Belle Lake Waukesha County Wisconsin

L-004           Lac la Belle Waukesha County Wisconsin

L-013           Lake Shore Golf Course Oshkosh Wisconsin

L-005           LaPointe Lighthouse Ashland Wisconsin

L-016           Lawrence University Appleton Wisconsin

L-022           Lawsonia Golf Course Fall Green Lake WI

L-012           Lawsonia Golf Course Green Lake Wisconsin

L-015           Lawsonia Golf Course Green Lake Wisconsin

L-006           Legend Lakes Menominee County Wisconsin

L-021           Leinenkugels Lodge

L-018           Lena Wisconsin Fall

L-002           Little Hope Waupaca County Wisconsin

L-023           Loch Lomond Lake Mundelein Illinois

L-010           Long Lake A Shawano County Wisconsin

L-011           Long Lake B Shawano County Wisconsin

L-009           Long Lake B Waushara County Wisconsin

L-008           Long Lake Waushara County Wisconsin

L-001           Long Lake, Waupaca Chain O Lakes Wisconsin

L-003           Loon Lake Menominee County Wisconsin

L-019           Loon Lakes Lake County Illinois

L-007           Loyola University Chicago Illinois

L-020           Lucky Four Leaf Clover

L-014           Wisconsin Lake near Wisconsin Dells