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​Bill Lang Photography welcomes you to our galleries of fine art photographs. Our current product lines are "Limited Edition" fine art studio photography and fine art aerial photographs under our brand "Air Affair".

Air Affair was established in 2006 BD (Before Drones) to provide a high degree of fine art to the aerial photography medium. We photograph out of high wing airplanes piloted by commercial (flight instructors) pilots. We are constantly in awe and are extremely humbled by the kind words and compliments we receive from our wonderful customers and hope to visit with you at one of our upcoming art shows.​

Air Affair strives to bring you the finest aerial photographs of mid-west landscapes. While having a background in landscape photography, we branched out to the aerial platform in 2006-2007. Our current modus operandi deliveries unparalleled fine art vistas from a few hundred feet to almost 2 miles high. This business model, along with business and the economy in general, dictates that we do not take custom or "for hire" business. 

If you feel that you would still like to inquire about contracting our services, please consider the following as a starting point:

You cannot choose the day. I only shoot on clear sunny days and that is totally up to mother nature and she rules.
The pilot has to drive to the airport and that equates to time and money. Same for the photographer,,,, drive = time and money.
The plane has to be checked out and loaded up and dragged out of the hanger = more time.
The plane is charged off a "Hobbs meter" which basically measures time running. So once the plane is started it's $250.00 per hour for airplane cost and pilot (I ONLY hire flight instructors) and remember,,,, many times you wait inline to take off! Oh yes, the photographer is also logging time in the air and that is $125.00 per hour.
There is more time once you have landed getting the plane back into the hanger and unloaded and again the drive home. 
Once in my studio, it takes a minimum of 1 hour to review the photographs and assemble files.
The above costs do not include the equipment that I utilize which is exclusively Nikon for the highest quality photography!