UPDATE: April 3, 2018

Bill Lang Photography is at the mercy of commercial websites that photographers utilize to "sell" their photographs. The last company we dealt with would not offer "common" sizes so our customers could not order a "standard" size (i.e. 8" X 10") print that they could frame themselves. And many are so expensive on our businesses side that it becomes cost prohibitive to our customers.

Due to the time/cost to setup a checkout, we will be self-fulling photograph orders until we attain the necessary feedback to change this policy. To view our photographs, utilize the "Bill Lang Photography Gallery" links in this website.

We stock for our art fairs, and have available for sale the following sizes: 8" X 10", 11" X 14", 12" X 18" and 16" X 20". We will provide a full list of common sizes that we will make available in the next week. Our goal is to be able to provide 2 to 3 (business) day turn around on orders received. We will accept checks or we do have the ability to process credit card transactions by phone.

 Bill Lang Photography introduced the Limited Edition Studio Series photography collection in 2017.

For 2018, we are working on "Pic's on Stix". Check back often as we will be rolling out this new product line as spring approaches!

UPDATE: April 3, 2018

To  view any photographs in our inventory list, you can contact us at:



We will happily forward you jpegs of your desired photographs.

NOTICE: AS of today, we finally have a website to store our photographs up and running. I would estimate we have 40% loaded,,,, it's a start but we do have much work to do.

Please read latest updates. View our new website with Bill Lang Photography Gallery button below.

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